The Council

Tradional thatcher What is a Parish Council?
A Parish Council is a local authority whose members are elected by the electors in the Parish area and serve for four years. Some Parish Councils are known as Town Councils but all abide by the same legislation set out by Parliament.

What can Parish Councils do?
Parliament has given various powers to Parish Councils. These powers relate to planning, provision of recreational facilities, community centres and public buildings, crime prevention, community transport, tourism, allotments, footpaths, certain aspects of highway maintenance, litter, open spaces, traffic calming etc. Powers were recently increased. They also act to represent residents of the parish on issues such as the Local Plan, planning issues and problems with highways and bins, and with local businesses.

Where do Parish Councils get their Funding?
They may precept for a sum to be raised by the District Council as part of the Council Tax. This is paid by the electors in the Parish. They may also receive grants and income in other ways. They use this to help improve life for their local community in many ways.

What does Kenn Parish Council do?

The Parish Council provides a conduit for complaints regarding overgrown trees, silted up drains, street lighting, sewage problems, grass verges and street cleansing. They lobby for improvements in and around the parish, such as highways, footpaths, road safety, flood relief.  

It is responsible for managing open spaces, public buildings and can identify areas for small-scale environmental improvements, such as green spaces, street lighting, bus shelters, public seating, notice boards. Representation is made to other local authorities where appropriate on planning and other matters.