Community Information

Kenn Parish Council is pleased to announce the acquisition of approximately 3 acres of land which is intended to be a community space. The meadow can be accessed via the Bulford Lane public footpath opposite Kennford Stores and from the car park at the Kenn Centre.

At this very early stage your Council is considering how the meadow can be best utilitised for the enjoyment of everyone whilst complying with the flood prevention land restrictions put in place by the Environment Agency. 

In the interim, please do go and explore the meadow. There are some reminder signs and we ask that dog walkers keep to the first part of the meadow (where paths have been cut) as Councillors would like to keep an area dog-free for children to play (this being the area the other side of the small stream which has been fully mowed). As always, please ensure to pick up after your dog (even if it is in the long grass) - there are dog poo bins at each end of the footpath (Kennford Stores and Partridges).

Kenn Parish Council looks forward to hearing from you with your ideas and suggestions and hope that you enjoy your new space!

 Your Council have adopted the Devon Climate Declaration.   You can read about this by clicking the link above.

Contacts for raves or outdoor parties:

Police should be notified using the 101 number where the informant will be given a log number. If noise is the issue, residents should contact the main council switchboard on 01626-361101; a recorded message will then give the caller a phone number for the out of house provider. The out of hours officer can then use the police log number to contact them and discuss what action should be taken.      Bus timetables - there will not be any paper versions available at present.

There are 4 defibrillators in the parish; on the wall of the Ley Arms facing the car park; on the outside wall of the primary school; on the outside wall of the Kenn Centre facing their car park; on the outside wall facing the road at Lower Brenton (Orange Elephant). They are all accessible in case of emergency need.

Council support for homeowners, essential repairs - available on the Teignbridge District Council website.

Devon Community Flood Risk Forum accessed below: scan down the page to access Devon County Council's property level resilience grant scheme.

Keep Your Top On: recycling information

Devon and Cornwall Police Alert System - for info visit the website