Welcome to our website, and to the parish of Kenn, consisting of the villages of Kenn and Kennford, and hamlets of Clapham and Splatford. The parish is split by the major road junction of the A38 and A380, known as the Splatford Split, giving easy access to both the sea and Dartmoor. The forest park at Haldon and Exeter Racecourse are within our parish helping to bring visitors down to this beautiful part of Devon.



Kenn needs three councillors to fill the vacancies 

If you are interested please contact the Clerk on clerk@kennparishcouncil.co.uk 

file:///C:/Users/Kenn-PC/Downloads/A5%20Christmas%20Ad.pdf Christmas recycling information and dates of collections.


Please note that a further order has been made regarding BULFORD LANE.  It is to remain closed until 2nd February 2022 in the interest of public safety due to the unsafe building adjacent to the footpath. 



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Latest News and Updates

Coronovirus information updates ares best obtained direct from County and District councils, and/or the news bulletins regularly put out by the Government.   





The Parish Council is working with Teignbridge District Council to explore options for using the land at St. Andrews Close for 2 or possibly 3 affordable homes/bungalows for local people. It is very early days and we are aware that there is a need for some smaller homes for people already living in the Parish needing to downsize.
As we progress the project we will keep the community informed about the plans. We are looking at the different options for what could reasonably be developed and how the community could be involved.
Teignbridge DC has received some money from government for community led housing and the Parish Council will be ‘bidding’ for some of that money to pay for the technical work needed such as a survey of the site and working up the plans.

News items can be found on our 
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There are 4 defibrillators in the parish, all on outside walls with easy access: situated at - 


LOWER BRENTON FARM                             EX6 7YL

THE LEY ARMS                  EX6 7UW

KENN PRIMARY SCHOOL                              EX6 7TX 

Kenn old and new1897 -1998